K. Dam – Utzon House | Illustration


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This limited edition illustration is an abstraction honouring the Jorn Utzon House, Can Lis. The house was built in the local yellowish-pink sandstone and rests on a hilltop on the southern coast of the Spanish island Mallorca. The stones for the building is known locally as marés stone and makes Utzon’s beautiful building blend into the surrounding landscape in the most fascinating way. The Utzon House consists of four separate blocks that are linked together with walls and courtyards. All buildings are facing the sea with slightly different orientations that follow the cliffs and coastal line. The house is situated near Portopetro and was completed in 1971 – build for the architect himself and his wife. Can Lis is the first building by Utzon on the island of Mallorca and is nowadays administrated by the Danish Utzon Center based in Aalborg.

This illustration/art print is signed, numbered and professionally framed before delivery. Please check out the entire selection of illustrations and art prints from Kristina Dam Studio. Kristina Dam abstractions of notable architecture is a great way of bringing art and design into your home decor.

Mõõtmed 29.7 × 42 cm